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The basic idea behind this approach is to apply pressure to the muscle while it is being stretched. This integrated movement technique helps to correct muscular imbalances, including areas that have been injured or have scar tissue.

It’s important to remember that this therapy allows you to communicate with your nervous system. The application of rhythmic pressure during a stretching routine is communicating to the nervous system the re-programming of the muscles. When trauma occurs to muscle tissue, the affected area becomes inflamed. But once the muscle memory is evoked during Soft Tissue Release, the muscles are encouraged to return to their normal state and the inflammation decreases.

If you choose this type of therapy, you don’t just lie still as you might do during a relaxation massage. You are expected to maintain an active role throughout the therapy session. This is needed for the special movements and stretches to be really effective.

This type of body work alleviates the soft tissue discomfort associated with daily occupational stresses, muscular over-use and many acute and chronic pain conditions such as muscular tension headaches, back and neck pain and shoulders pain (eg, frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement and rotator cuff tear).

This treatment appeals to clients who need to be pain free, reduce inflammation, have more mobility, stability, strength and improve sleep - and more importantly speed up the healing and recovering processes.

We use adequate techniques based on your symptoms and at the end of your session a tailored exercise program is provided to help with your recovery, we also integrate ultrasound and electrotherapy during your treatment when appropriated.

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